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Writing prompt #2

Go to Oneword and use their free writing tool to help you warm up your writing voice. You don't have to write for just one minute, but still try to time yourself because it will force you to write.

Picture prompt #2

Happy Thursday, everyone! Here's a picture prompt to help inflame your writing muse. Remember, look at the picture as a whole, and don't focus on one single detail.

The battle pt. 3

Snarling, the she-wolf raced forward, her pack following, snarling and howling as they ran.

The big male growled and called to his pack, "quick, were being attacked, awooo, awooooo!!!!!"

The other pack heard their leaders warning and quickly prepared, pushing the young pups and Elders into the dark den, away from the bloodshed that was soon to come.

"Charge!" growled the leader as he led his pack into battle; the two packs clashed into each other, snarling and howling viciously.

The black she-wolf was like a whirlwind of death, nothing could stop her. She slashed throats open with ease, clawed eyes and stomachs viciously, and wreaked havoc in general.

"Quickly", the leader panted, "Fall back and hit them from the sides, push them down so they trip, hurry!"

Obeying their leader, the valley pack fell back, split into two groups and hit the she-wolf's pack from the sides.

Snarling, the she-wolf felt teeth sink into her back leg; she twisted and sank her teeth into her attacker's back,


The wolf lay dead in the trampled grass.

"Father, you coward, come face me!" she growled; the fighting stopped, all eyes on the she-wolf and her father.

The big male attacked quickly, leaping over the crowd and slamming his daughter into the ground.

The she-wolf slashed at her father’s belly, and was rewarded with a grunt of pain.

Twisting sharply, she threw her father to the ground and lunged at him.

The big male acted quickly. Picking up some tufted up grass and dirt beside him, he threw it at the she-wolf, blinding her temporarily.

Snarling, the she-wolf stepped back and rubbed the grit from her eyes; the male slashed her shoulder clean open.

Pushing him away, the she-wolf ran a little ways backward, and then, eyes gleaming, she charged her father, screaming wildly.

Her father ran towards her as well, howling wildly.

They clashed together, their bodies twisted and turned wildly, teeth, claws, and fur were all that was seen, they sought each others throats, snarling wildly, blood pumping, they pushed and shoved each other back and forth,

In a twisted battle that could never be broken.

Now...... which one won?

You decide.

The Battle pt. 2

Quickly, we must travel swiftly to the valley in which the 'fools' live in.

It was quiet, peaceful valley,

The trees swayed softly in the breeze,

The rain lightened up, the moon came out from behind the dark, depressing clouds,

Lighting up the landscape, giving hope to the animals that lived there.

A pack of six wolves huddled together for warmth,

Telling stories and grooming each other, they completely forgot the weather outside,

They were content, happy.

A five year old male with black fur pushed himself away from his pack and shook himself, thinking,

I feel as if something.... ominous is coming here, but what? I hope that she...

But he shook away the thought, pushing back the thoughts of his only daughter, who he himself had banished all those years ago.

It had started when she was born. Her eyes had been open, a 'bad' sign, the Elders had called it.

When she was a pup, she never liked playing with the other wolf pups; instead she would sit by herself and 'think' as she called it.

But one day, a fire broke out in the camp. The back had to run for their lives as the fire engulfed their entire home, leaving them with


As the leader’s daughter was running out of the camp, she stopped and listened.

A soft whimpering sound came from the den in which all the newborns were born.

She bounded toward the sound, and stuck her head inside, a young pup lay down on its side, whimpering.

She grabbed the young pup and began to drag it away; it squealed and struggled to get away.

"I’m trying to help you!" she growled, and bit down on its scruff, it shuddered violently, and then lay still.

She stared down at its body, which was beginning to grow cold.

"I’m sorry", she whispered, backing out slowly, her head lowered,

"I’m so sorry", and then she turned and ran, only to slam straight into her father, who had come back to find her.

"You killed him" he whispered quietly.

"I didn't mean to, daddy! It was an accident, I swear!" but her cries fell on deaf ears as he looked down at her, snarling,


"Daddy, please..."

"GET OUT, damn you!" he growled and pushed her violently away; she fell and landed on hot ashes.

Yelping she sat up and brushed them away, and then ran, ran away from the flames, from the dead pup that she had 'killed', from her father,

Who had pushed her away, forever.

Shuddering, the male wolf shook himself roughly, trying to forget that horrible day, the way she had looked at him, she had needed him, and he pushed her away.

Then, a long, clear, cold howl sounded in his ears and he looked up sharply, his heart skipped three beats at what he saw.

"I’m back, Father!", a mocking voice sounded from the trees in front of him, and the black she-wolf padded from the shadows, growling savagely.

"And this time, you can't push me away!" she laughed bitterly and called to her pack, all twelve of them, who slid quietly out of the shadows to her left and right, growling, eager to do their leaders bidding.

Smiling evilly, the she-wolf looked at her pack, growling.

“My fighters,” she growled,

“Who will you fight for?”

YOU, MY QUEEN, ONLY YOU!” came the reply from her pack.

“Well then”……


The Battle pt. 1

Note: If you find this story listed on another blog or site, it is because it belongs to me. I wrote this story on July 30, 2008 and posted it on Writer's Cafe and another blog (I think), under the username 'ilovewolves1416'.

It was raining,

The air was muggy, the ground slippery and wet,

The trees sway softly, thunder rumbles in the distance,

But suddenly, a shadow pauses behind a tree,

And in the shadows is a large, three year old she-wolf,

She has pitch-black fur, darker than the night, darker than the shadows,

She turns her head and barks; a male wolf slips out from behind a bush and bows low,

“Rise” she growls.

“What is it you desire, my Queen?” he asks softly.

“Is the pack ready?” she says.

He nods.

“Good” she growls.

“Bring them here, and tell them to sharpen their claws and fangs”

The male bows, and then races off to do his leaders bidding.

The she-wolf smiles, her teeth flash in the dark,

“Soon”, she hisses, a flash of lighting lights up her body, her eyes shine with rage and hunger, her gums reveal sharp, deadly snow-white fangs dripping with hate,

“Soon those fools in the valley will pay with their lives for what they did to me”

She raises her muzzle to the dark sky and howls,

A howl of pain, of vengeance, of death soon to come.


Picture prompt #1

Study this picture for 5 minutes. Then write a poem or story about whatever idea you thought of. For example, here's a opening sentence that I've wrote about this picture:

"Traitor!", snarled the Kalov, the deputy and senior Fighter for the BlackBlood wolf clan. "I did nothing wrong!", protested Halvok, who was slowly being pushed back towards the deep blue lakes waters. "If anyone's the traitor, it's you, Kalov!"..........and blah, blah blah. If you like you can use this sentence to help start a story, I don't mind.

My writing equipment

Author note: Hello, everyone! Today I just wanted to give you some insight as to how I write my stories and where I get the inspiration and tools do it!

1.  Resources for creative writers --- Perfect site for quick, one sentence writing prompts. These prompts are mostly fiction based, but if you need inspiration or a quick story starter, here is the place to go!

2. Writertopia word count --- If you haven't already seen it, I have a "write 500 words a day" badge posted on my blog sidebar. This free online tool helps me easily count the num. of words I have in a story or poem so that I can reach my goal of 500 words easily.

3. Creativity Portal --- Excellent writing site that contains writing prompts, picture prompts, and informational articles about journaling and other ways to improve your writing.

4. Writing Excuses (podcast) --- I LOVE THIS PODCAST!!!! An excellent podcast that gives you helpful insight and tips on how to improve your writing and how to get rid of bad habits in your writing.

5. AbiWord --- Excellent word processer to use. I like the ease and flexibility of this processer, and since I cannot use Microsoft word anymore (technical difficulties), I have been using AbiWord to help save my stories and poems.

6.Enso --- A very unique type of software. Basically, you can highlight a word you wish to define or spell and Enso will automatically look up the word online with just one push of a button. Make sure to watch the Enso demo here to help clear up any questions you have.

And that's all, people! See you next week for more gore-filled stories, poems, and resources by moi.


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